First day back in Tokyo InsideJapan holiday blog

So arrived at Haneda airport this morning after twelve-hour flight from Heathrow (connection flight was from Manchester to Heathrow was late but flight to Haneda went very smoothly.

Slept a bit in the plane but me never being able to sleep much in daytime led to only a few hours of sleep overall. The amount of times I have dozed off today I can’t keep track.

Once i got to hotel thanks to inside Japan sending a driver to pick me up, who at first I thought was a woman til I got a better look at him 😅, oh some of the lads in Tokyo are prettier than the women and there are some fine-looking women I can tell you that for sure 😊.

Steve my tour leader met me and gave me the sheet of what’s happening when tour starts on Saturday. Along with giving me the travel card for the subways and jr main lines. So went to Ueno straight away to partly kill time til I kill time til I  image image  imageimage

These are my favourite pictures I took with my iPad today. There were some things I couldn’t take a photo of and I chose to respect that decision by the Japanese.

 I could check into Asakusa  view hotel in the Asakusa district in Tokyo.

imageHe seems nice and laid back. Looking forward to seeing how he does the tour.

But out mainly so I could go to the National Tokyo museum

imageas I missed out in that last time due to public holiday that took place at the time. Only costed around 600 yen to do so well worth the price. Got to see ancient relics, especially samurai armour and swords, amazing how the Japanese  have kept them in fine condition despite some of them being centuries or even a millienuim old. There was also nice sections on the Ainu and the Kingdom of ryoku (sorry forgotten the name of it) along with bits of Chinese and other Asian history as well. Though all of it ancient and certainty not modern bits to be seen that’s for sure.

Once Museum was done checked into my room. Space is limited but that is to be expected from how the Japanese use their space in general. But the view I have got from my room is well worth it. Plus shower is nice as well which is good since I really needed that good shower after all the traveling I have done this week!

Had a kip and then it was time to do my activity of the day. Going to the Robot restaurant in Shinjuku. Was easy enough to find once I got out of Shinjuku station. I was reminded today of how daunting it can be going there. So many people pass through it as you are. 4 million a day use that train station. I ain’t afraid of crowds. But it’s so easy to get lost in that place if you don’t know where you are going.

Got there paid for it. Started around six and lasted 100 minutes including breaks and selling booze and popcorn etc during the acts. The show overall was very fun and enjoyable to see. Over the top, cheesy and very very Japanese. But it all still works because of the effort the performers put into their work and also in how they built and designed the robots and other stage equipment used in the production of it. The best way to describe it is saying it’s like a power rangers show live. Hell one segment so reminded me of mighty morphin power powers which I loved as a kid that u couldn’t help but love it.

It had lots of lasers, robots of course. Had a rip off of Kung Fu panda. And of course plenty of beautiful women to admire and enjoy watching. Heck I even saw some of the women in the audience eyeing a good look at them. They were that gorgeous though i find most Japanese women beautiful anyway so my opinion is very biased.

Though I noticed two gents in the other side of the room where they did the show, the one with glasses look disgusted throughout it all think he was there to discuss business with the Japanese  who took them there, not the best impression to make eh 😄.

I was front row with no meal due to them being poor according to InsideJapan so if you found them alright then you could inform InsideJapan of that fact. There were some bits I thought they could have cut outside they seemed to interrupt he flow of it all and felt disjointed from the rest of the show. These were when the girls came out as bandleaders and dressing up as a super girls as well. Also the techno dance but as well while more fitting seemed there to pad things out.

They weren’t bad but they felt fillerish and weren’t interesting to watch I feel. Though it was a pleasure to see map girls like that. Oh yes a fine pleasure, but I averted looking for the most part at the more interesting parts.  


These are some of the many photos I took while seeing the shoo. Sorry some of the photos are not good quality. I phones tend not to be the most reliable camera. Plus taking a photo and watching something isn’t the easiest to do.

Wep that’s everything for today.

Tomorrow I shall be taking a manga class. Can the teachers do the impossible? Can they get me able to draw something more than a stick figure. Find out tomorrow for the latest reveals.

Oli simpson

The view of Tokyo from my room. The sky tree in all of its glory.

Sorry about the above colour lines I proofread it in site then put it on app when pictures weren’t aligning right. Will avoid this in the future.



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