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Journey to Karuzawa

Tuesday was pretty much a day of us travelling to karuzawa and hitting a few places along the way. 

Namely the Nikko national park that was on the route we were taking to karuzawa. 

We got to see some real natural beauty of the Japanese Alps and countryside. 

These photos were taken from a spot near lake chouzuji I believe, sorry can’t remember the exact name of it. But as you can see just having such a view of the land around us was a sight to behold.  

The weather started off nicer today, though it was a bit windy and it soon clouded over as we went down to where the waterfall and town is in the photo above. 

Fog completely covered the lake that we couldn’t see a damm thing around us. It was like the beginning of horror film, nice start to the day, then you get to town and the group separates. some do dumb things and go into the foggy lake and from arises an undead, creepy to some kind of mythical creature to start the play.

Eventually gets to one survivor who gets lucky and somehow kills the killer. Hey Hollywood just gave you an idea for a cliché film. I expect some payment for this 😋.

Anyways back to waterfall. 

We went down a 100 meters to get a closer view of the waterfall that is there. 



Just some of the shots I got of the fall. Sorry for my fingers blurring the sides, wasn’t easy getting the shots from the angles I wanted and it didn’t show up when I was aiming the picture. 

While we were at the waterfall we came across this particular creature. 

 For you people who like me grew up in he 90’s I’m sure you remember those talking furby dolls, well nostalgia crep up today. As we came across talking cat, good lord did the group get some laughs out of it. We spent at least 15 minutes talking to it saying hello. I just meowed at it since I thought it was only fair to talk in its own language 😄.  

Once we were done with the waterfall and the cat. We then had to go back to Nikko due to the route we wanted to take to Karuzawa being covered in snow 😫. Shame as the route is according to Steve ine if the nicest and most scenic routes in Japan. 

But no matter these things happen and you just have to roll with it. 

So we went back to Nikko, got lunch from the local Family Mart there (Family Mart is just one of many chains of convenience stores in Japan). 

 They are on most corners in Japan main towns and cities, but noticed some in the countryside as well. Useful for getting a sandwich and drink if you need one. 
It took us around 2 hours to get to Karuzawa by this route. But the weather cleared up quite nicely along the way. Allowing for me to get a few nice shots of the Japanese Alps. 



Sorry for the somewhat dark pictures, but the sun was quite low by the time these were taken. 

So got to our hotel in Karuzawa. We stayed at the cypress hotel, a western hotel that was nice. The room I got was like a small apartment with a fridge, cooker, sink etc. plus a nice bit of space as well. 

Tonight’s dinner was a seven course French food. Which included salad at the start, French baguette, nice posse (French fish), chicken at some point, really nice raspberry cake with chocolate to go with it. 

Well that’s it for the travel day to Karuzawa. Sorry it wasn’t very interesting, but we didn’t see much today and nothing that has much cultural or spiritual reverence like Nikko did. 

Next blog will be my day round Karuzawa, with some fab pictures and info to come your way.