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Inside Japan holiday blog by Oliver simpsonĀ 

This will be a blog of my trip to Japan from Wednesday 15th April to Wednesday 6th May. I will go through day by day of which places I go to, what I do and what my thoughts are etc. 

This holiday was booked and planned via InsideJapan tours company with travel consultant Rachel Rykala being top notch in arranging and booking my itinerary, giving some fab suggestions and feedback to my own ideas as well. I highly recommend them as a company to book your holiday to Japan. Their service and insight of Japan is second to none.


Here is a link to their site https://www.insidejapantours.com

They also have a blog as well that provides some useful tips and interesting thoughts and stories as well. Here is the link for that blog http://insidejapanblog.com

I hope you enjoy reading my blog and it gives you a bit of insight. As well as inspiration of seeing Japan for yourself. 

Oliver Simpson